ALL Adult Lessons (12:45pm & 2pm) are "ON" for Sunday, Feb 10th.

Jr Nordics is "ON" as well - a reminder that today's lessons will be the 2013 ConocoPhillips Winter Carnival (K-8th Graders) Hosted by FXC! IT WILL RUN FROM 2-3:30pm!
Meet your groups out on the snow at the appropriate color!

There are ski games for all. It will be used as our Jr Nordics for the week – It is going to run until 3:30pm due to the ski scavenger hunt that we have planned! The best part is that it is FREE! This is a REAL treat for the kids and they love it!

ANY child can participate - even if they are NOT in Jr Nordics - if they are not in Jr Nordics - they merely need to fill out a registration form & waiver in the main bldg before 2pm (try to show up around 1:45pm).